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Vegeta’s New Form Official Name Confirmed “Dragon Ball Super”

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While some fans were disappointed to see that Vegeta never quite reached his own Ultra Instinct state, he did get a new form all his own. Never officially named in the series properly, Vegeta’s newest transformation was labeled in Super Dragon Ball Heroes and had fans wondering if the naming was legitimate. Now the series has officially named Vegeta’s final transformation (for now) as “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution.

In an interview with the series director and producer on Dragon Ball’s official website, the anime team have officially referred to the new Vegeta as ‘SSGSSE Vegeta.’ In Episode 123 of the series, Vegeta reached a higher level of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan when he and Goku had a tough time against Jiren.

Pushing his power to his limits, Vegeta thinks back to Cabba and his promise to resurrect Universe 6. Saying he needed to surpass his limits in his own way, Vegeta’s aura started to sparkle, his hair glowed, his irises became more distinct (much like Goku’s Ultra Instinct), and with a last burst of energy reached a different Super Saiyan blue form.

The series never quite defined this new form, only with characters referencing the fact that Vegeta had essentially performed a “limit break” on his power and resulted in a new form. Though it wasn’t Ultra Instinct like fans had initially wanted, it is a form that’s different from Goku’s (a thread that’s been maintained throughout the entirety of the series).

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